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About Us

The inception of LensChoice was the result of the need for a simple, convenient and inexpensive way to buy lenses.

LensChoice uses a business approach that is value-based, and recognizes that sometimes you don’t need, nor want, any of the “extras” that can drive up the cost of ordering lenses.  That doesn’t mean that you want to sacrifice quality.  Just the opposite!  You are willing to pay for a quality lenses, but not with an added cost for extensive warranties, sales reps, customer service reps, and a custom ordering process.

LensChoice reduces costs by providing you quality products through a self-service web-based ordering process with a price concession for eliminating the sales and service reps and the warranty.  Of course, the product is still covered by the manufacturing quality guarantee.  Otherwise, why pay for service offerings you don’t want when placing a stock lens order?  LensChoice provides the proven cost savings alternate you are looking for.